Tilly Blanding Raised $73,270 in 2nd Quarter, With Strong Grassroots Support in District 42 Primary

June 6, 2017

Springfield, VA – Retired social worker, community leader, Civil Rights activist and candidate for Delegate in District 42 Tilly Blanding raised $73,270 in the second quarter reporting period, demonstrating one of the strongest fundraising reports in the state. Over the course of her campaign, Tilly has received over 1,200 contributions from grassroots supporters across the district and raised over $117,000 since February.

“All politics is local, and that is exactly the kind of campaign we have been running,” said Tilly Blanding on Tuesday. “I have always said that the power should lie with the people, and I am overwhelmed by the support from my community. Whether we are knocking on doors, sitting down with people in their homes, or out in the community, I am listening to the concerns of the people across my district.”

“From organized labor to School Board Members, Tilly’s campaign is being supported by a diverse coalition of activists and leaders across the state. This campaign has built a strong coalition of donors and volunteers that are ready to take on whomever the Republicans choose to represent the party of Trump on June 10th,” said campaign manager Cynthia Sebian-Lander. “After talking to thousands of voters across the district, it is clear that Tilly is candidate that will stand up and fight for all Virginians down in Richmond.”


Third School Board Member, Dalia Palchik, Endorses Tilly Blanding in District 42 Democratic Primary

Springfield, VA – Today School Board Member Dalia Palchik endorsed Tilly Blanding in her campaign for Delegate in District 42. Tilly’s dedication to improving and investing in our public education has been a key part of her campaign. Dalia joins School Board members Pat Hynes and Chris Lewis in supporting Tilly’s grassroots campaign.

“Over the past few decades as a social worker, Tilly has worked to uplift our children, parents, teachers and everyone working in the school systems across Northern Virginia. Recognizing the need for afterschool and support programs for Fairfax children, Tilly helped open the first three Family Resource Centers in the county. Tilly is a problem solver who understands the challenges facing our school system and has been finding innovative solutions for years,” said School Board Member Dalia Palchik.

“Tilly’s passion for social justice and equality is what we need down in Richmond. Our children need a proven fighter to stand up for their needs, someone who truly understands the challenges and limitations of our current budget, and who can work on creative solutions.”

“People come to Virginia for our world class education – but we are coasting on a reputation. When our teachers aren’t paid enough, they leave, and it’s the children who suffer. We need to put more money back into our school system to support our teachers, decrease class size, and invest in the future of all children across our Commonwealth,” said Tilly Blanding.

“No matter where you come from or your background, all families want the same thing: good opportunities for their children, opportunities that are created through a top-quality education. Both of my children graduated from public schools in Fairfax County and benefited from our world-class system. As your Delegate, I will fight to continue to improve our schools so that all children have the opportunity to succeed.”


Supervisor Catherine Hudgins Joins Chairman Bulova and Supervisor Foust in Supporting Tilly Blanding for Delegate in District 42 Primary

May 30, 2017
Springfield, VA – Tilly Blanding continues to demonstrate her deep ties to the Northern Virginia community as a third member of the Board of Supervisors endorsed her campaign today. Supervisor Catherine Hudgins, who represents the Hunter Mill District, and joins Chairman of the Board Sharon Bulova and Supervisor John Foust in supporting Tilly Blanding.

“In my role as Supervisor, I hear from people each day who are facing challenges across our county. Everyday working families are worried about their children’s education, finding steady employment, and keeping their community safe. As a social worker, Tilly Blanding has worked to find solutions for the many challenges Fairfax County families face everyday. We need Tilly in Richmond working for all of us,” said Supervisor Hudgins.

“For too many years Richmond has not been working to improve the lives of people across our Commonwealth. We need to send people down to Richmond who demonstrate true leadership to stand up for the values we all hold dear. Tilly has exemplified the passion and strength we need in a Delegate for the many years that I have worked with her, and I am proud to support her in her campaign for the House of Delegates.”

“I admire the integrity and leadership that Supervisor Hudgins conveys in her role serving the Hunter Mill District. First as a social worker and then with my union, I have stood in front of the Board of Supervisors to talk about everything from mental health funding to increasing salaries for county employees,” said Tilly Blanding.

“While Fairfax County has more resources available than other regions, we still face tough budget cuts year after year. That is why I supported and worked on the Meals Tax in 2016 – to increase revenue for our schools and social programs. However, the real change needs to happen down in Richmond and I am running for Delegate to make that happen. I have been fighting my entire life to improve the lives of all Virginians, and will continue to advocate for social justice for all as Delegate for the 42nd District.”


With Endorsement From Carpenters Union, Tilly Blanding Is The Candidate For Working Families In District 42 Primary

May 23, 2017
Springfield, VA – Today the Keystone + Mountain + Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters, representing over 17,500 members across five states and the District of Columbia, announced their support of Tilly Blanding in the District 42 Democratic Primary. The Carpenters join SEIU 32BJ, SEIU Virginia 512, LiUNA! Mid-Atlantic, UNITE HERE Local 23, UNITE HERE Local 25, and UFCW Local 400, all state and regional unions that are backing Tilly’s campaign.

“Proving that she has the experience and relationships needed to make real change in Richmond, Tilly’s grassroots campaign is continuing to gain momentum. Unions represent the heart of the Democratic Party,” said Campaign Manager Cynthia Sebian-Lander. “The overwhelming support of Virginia labor demonstrates that Tilly truly is the strongest progressive candidate to take on the Republicans in November.”

“Growing up during the Civil Rights movement, I know first-hand that we are stronger when we stand together to push back against hate and fear. As a proud member of my Union, SEIU Virginia 512, I have been fighting for workers’ rights down in Richmond for years. Now I want go back to Richmond, this time as your Delegate, to fight for change and improve the lives of all individuals across the state by implementing policies that give everyone a fair shot,” said Tilly in a statement today.

“I am running to create opportunity for all Virginians, and that means lifting up every working family. Strengthening the economy starts by ensuring that all workers are paid a livable wage so that our teachers, first responders, home care workers, and county employees can all afford to live where they work. It also means creating jobs by investing in our infrastructure and schools. I have been fighting for families across our Commonwealth for over 30 years, and want to continue to lift up our Democratic progressive values as Delegate by giving a voice to all Virginians.”

Tilly Blanding has also been endorsed by Congressman Gerry Connolly, Fairfax County Chairman Sharon Bulova, Supervisor John Foust, Fairfax County School Board member Pat Hynes, School Board member Chris Lewis, CASA in Action, and Candidate for Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax.

Tilly Blanding Statement on Del. Dave Albo Not Seeking Re-Election

“My Delegate, Dave Albo, announced this afternoon his retirement after almost 24 years of service to the state. As many of you know, Dave Albo and I disagree on a number of issues facing the 42nd and Virginia. However, I want to take a moment to thank him for his years of service to the state.

While I have been advocating on the opposite side for a long time, I do know that it takes courage and stamina to dedicate your life to public service. Dave Albo has been an active member of the Springfield community for much longer than his 24 years of service, and I know he will continue serving the community in his own way in the future.

This race has always been about the people in my community, and across the state, who do not have a voice. There are individuals that are suffering from a lack of healthcare options because Republicans in Richmond refuse to pass Medicaid expansion. I am running to help the working families struggling to make ends meet despite working multiple low-wage jobs, the women who are fighting to for reproductive justice, and to expand access to early education and social services to all children.

This race is about every resident of our state. It is about restoring our Virginia Democratic values and fighting for what is right. I am a fighter, I have been on the battlefields for justice my whole life, and I plan to keep that fight going as your Delegate in Richmond.”


Justin Fairfax, Democratic Candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia, Endorses Tilly Blanding for the 42nd District of the Virginia House of Delegates

April 14th, 2017

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia– Today, Tilly Blanding is proud to announce the endorsement of Lt. Governor Candidate Justin Fairfax. This major endorsement comes in the wake of Delegate Dave Albo’s announcement that he will not seek re-election.

Fairfax, a former federal prosecutor who served as co-chair of the 2013 Democratic Party of Virginia Coordinated Campaign and Co-Chair of U.S. Senator Mark Warner’s successful 2014 re-election campaign, released the following statement:

“Tilly’s message of hope and resistance is exactly what the people of Virginia need to resist the erosion of basic rights happening in Washington, while also creating more economic security and opportunity for all Virginians. I have been honored to have Tilly’s unwavering support over the years and I am proud to stand with her and offer my strong endorsement and support.


“Tilly has fought for people her entire life; as a civil rights activist, social worker, Union member, and health care advocate. She has made it her life’s mission to stand up and speak out for the vulnerable. I am proud to stand with Tilly and show my support for her campaign for Virginia House District 42. We need her experience, compassion, and fighting spirit in Richmond. As a lifelong Democrat, Tilly has worked to elect candidates in Northern Virginia and across the Commonwealth to ensure the rights of all people in Virginia. I know that she will fight for the people of the 42nd District and ensure their voice is heard in Richmond. If elected Lieutenant Governor, I look forward to working with Tilly to help make the Commonwealth of Virginia a place with economic opportunity and security for all.”

A retired social worker with Fairfax County, Tilly has been advocating and standing up for working families across Northern Virginia for over 30 years. She was a key player in opening a well-needed family resource center in Southern Fairfax County, and worked tirelessly to ensure that every family that crossed her path had the basic necessities for survival. Tapping into the same zeal that motivated her as a child to fight for fairness during the civil rights movement in South Carolina, Tilly is running to restore Virginia’s Democratic values and fight for healthcare for all, quality education for our children, women’s rights and worker’s rights.


Supervisor Foust Endorses Tilly Blanding for Delegate

April 13, 2017

Dranesville District Supervisor John Foust endorsed Tilly Blanding today in her run for Delegate in District 42.

“I have worked with Tilly for many years, and have known her to be a great advocate and fighter for workers and families across Northern Virginia,” Supervisor Foust said in a statement Thursday. “With Del. Albo’s retirement, this race is a great opportunity to turn a district from red to blue – and Tilly is the best candidate that to make that happen.”

Tilly said of Supervisor Foust “I am honored to have the endorsement of a true leader in Northern Virginia, who cares about all of his constituents and works every day to enhance their quality of life. Supervisor Foust runs his office, and his campaigns, with integrity, and I am proud to have volunteered my time for many years for his runs for office.”

Momentum is building as Supervisor Foust joins School Board members Pat Hynes and Chris Lewis in endorsing Tilly Blanding’s campaign this week.

Contact: Cynthia Sebian-Lander,, 410-474-4899



April 11, 2017

Momentum is building for Tilly Blanding, candidate in the race for Delegate in District 42, as two School Board members in Northern Virginia publicly announced their support today – Pat Hynes of Fairfax County and Chris Lewis of Alexandria City.

“Tilly is a fighter for all children and families, and I know as delegate, she will work with local elected officials to better our educational system throughout the state,” said Fairfax County School Board Member Pat Hynes. “As a social worker, Tilly dealt with the issues facing our low-income students and championed their needs when she founded the first three Family Resource Centers in the county. When Tilly goes to Richmond, she will continue to fight for equity and achievement, not just for Fairfax County students but for children across the Commonwealth. ”

Chris Lewis, School Board member in Alexandria City, also championed Tilly’s long service to families and children across the county. “We need social workers in the state house, people who have been on the frontlines fighting for those in need and know first hand the work that needs to be done.”

Both of Tilly’s children grew up in the Fairfax County school system, and she knows the importance of a world-class education on a child’s ability to succeed. As a social worker, Tilly saw firsthand what happens when children are not given equal opportunity to early education, after school programs, and social services needed to succeed.


Tilly Blanding, Democrat and Delegate for District 42, Marches in Richmond for Medicaid Expansion

April 5, 2017

Richmond, VA – Bringing her powerful voice to the charge for Medicaid Expansion, Tilly Blanding, running for Delegate in Northern Virginia, led a crowd of peaceful demonstrators in “We Shall Overcome” at a Richmond rally on Tuesday evening.

Tilly has been leading the charge for Medicaid Expansion long before she decided to run for Delegate. “I have been a fighter all of my life, standing up for those who are voiceless. Medicaid expansion would help over 400,000 Virginians access affordable healthcare – it really is a no brainer,” said Blanding to supporters pushing for this crucial health benefit.


The rally at in Richmond’s Great Shiplock Park took place on April 4, the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., bringing focus to the issues Dr. King fought for in the 1960s – the fight for minimum wage, equality for all, and healthcare. The rally was organized Raise Up, a group working to raise the minimum wage across the country, Progress Virginia and SEIU.

“For the past three years I have gone to Richmond to advocate for healthcare, specifically asking my current Delegate Dave Albo to vote in the favor of those in need, yet he repeatedly votes against helping others. Medicaid Expansion is just one of the many policy areas that Albo and I differ on. As Delegate, I will be a voice for those who have none. I have been a fighter on the battlefields for justice all my life, and nothing will stop me from standing up for my Virginia Democratic values.”


In January Tilly travelled to Richmond with her union, SEIU 512, to lobby for Medicaid Expansion. “Every individual should have the right to affordable healthcare, and Medicaid Expansion just makes sense. I fully support Governor McAuliffe’s push to pass expansion and urge all Delegates to vote to help tens of thousands of families in need,” Tilly said.