My Mom, My Hero

My mom means everything to me. She and my dad gave me a home when I was just four months old, when they adopted me from my birth mother who was too young to give me everything I needed.

My parents instilled in me values of service to my country, of passion for my beliefs, and of the need to always stand up for my values. My father was a military officer, and when I was 19 I enlisted and still serve today in military intelligence. While my mom I’m sure would’ve preferred not to send her baby off to war, I credit her with giving me the strength and courage to stand up for what I believe in.

When I was in middle school my mom shared with me the stories of how she fought on the battlefield for justice during the civil rights movement. She was just 13 and put it all on the line to stand up for her values.

I’m proud that my mom is standing up once again to fight for all Virginians as she runs for the House of Delegates. Please honor her life of service to her community, her children, and the Commonwealth by supporting her on June 13th.


Zach Blanding


Tilly with her children Zach and Zeki in 2009. This is the day they saw Zach off to Afghanistan for the first time. Zach has been deployed three times, once to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan, and continues to serve his country today.