Congressman Gerry Connolly

“I have worked with Tilly since my days on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. Tilly is a dedicated, enthusiastic, and proven fighter for the people of Fairfax County. As a social worker with Fairfax County, she created and pushed for programs that helped all residents realize the American dream.  I know she’ll take that same ethos to Richmond to fight  to get more of our tax dollars for schools and to improve our roads.

I am proud to stand with her, as she has done for so many in our community, and support her run for Delegate. I urge my constituents in the 42nd District to vote for Tilly Blanding in the June 13th Primary.”

Fairfax County Chairman Sharon Bulova

“Tilly is a tremendous part of the Fairfax community. During her time as a social worker with the county she touched so many lives, both the clients that she served and her colleagues who have worked to make Fairfax County a better place for all. Tilly’s compassion and enthusiasm continues to inspire us. I am honored to endorse Tilly for her run in District 42.”

Supervisor Catherine Hudgins

“In my role as Supervisor, I hear from people each day who are facing challenges across our county. Everyday working families are worried about their children’s education, finding steady employment, and keeping their community safe. As a social worker, Tilly Blanding has worked to find solutions for the many challenges Fairfax County families face everyday. We need Tilly in Richmond working for all of us,” said Supervisor Hudgins.

“For too many years Richmond has not been working to improve the lives of people across our Commonwealth. We need to send people down to Richmond who demonstrate true leadership to stand up for the values we all hold dear. Tilly has exemplified the passion and strength we need in a Delegate for the many years that I have worked with her, and I am proud to support her in her campaign for the House of Delegates.”

School Board Member Dalia Palchik

“Tilly’s passion for social justice and equality is what we need down in Richmond. Our children need a proven fighter to stand up for their needs, someone who truly understands the challenges and limitations of our current budget, and who can work on creative solutions.”

Justin Fairfax, Candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia

“Tilly’s message of hope and resistance is exactly what the people of Virginia need to resist the erosion of basic rights happening in Washington, while also creating more economic security and opportunity for all Virginians. I have been honored to have Tilly’s unwavering support over the years and I am proud to stand with her and offer my strong endorsement and support.

Tilly has fought for people her entire life; as a civil rights activist, social worker, Union member, and health care advocate. She has made it her life’s mission to stand up and speak out for the vulnerable. I am proud to stand with Tilly and show my support for her campaign for Virginia House District 42. We need her experience, compassion, and fighting spirit in Richmond. As a lifelong Democrat, Tilly has worked to elect candidates in Northern Virginia and across the Commonwealth to ensure the rights of all people in Virginia. I know that she will fight for the people of the 42nd District and ensure their voice is heard in Richmond. If elected Lieutenant Governor, I look forward to working with Tilly to help make the Commonwealth of Virginia a place with economic opportunity and security for all.”

Dranesville Supervisor John Foust

“I have worked with Tilly for many years, and have known her to be a great advocate and fighter for workers and families across Northern Virginia. With Del. Albo’s retirement, this race is a great opportunity to turn a district from red to blue – and Tilly is the best candidate to make that happen.”


 School Board Member Pat Hynes

“Tilly is a fighter for all children and families, and I know as delegate, she will work with local elected officials to better our educational system throughout the state,” said Fairfax County School Board Member Pat Hynes. “As a social worker, Tilly dealt with the issues facing our low-income students and championed their needs when she founded the first three Family Resource Centers in the county. When Tilly goes to Richmond, she will continue to fight for equity and achievement, not just for Fairfax County students but for children across the Commonwealth. ”

 School Board Member Chris Lewis

“We need social workers in the state house, people who have been on the front lines fighting for those in need and know first hand the work that needs to be done.”

Aneesh Chopra

“Tilly brought this fight and passion with her when she moved to Virginia 32 years ago as a military spouse. For almost 3 decades, Tilly lifted up all residents of Fairfax County as a social worker, where she worked with children and families from every walk of life. Tilly will be a fighter for everyone across the Commonwealth. I saw Tilly’s passion (and talent) for organizing during our 2013 Lt. Governor race and can’t wait to see what she can do in Richmond!”

Union Endorsements